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"I feel like I just unboxed a new pin!"

"Overall, this thing is awesome, and you have already earned the equivalent of the nobel prize in pinball in my book. Feels like a brand new game now!"

"I can't stop playing. As-is right now, this game is a BLAST. It has STRATEGY NOW!"

"I must say HOLY COW! It's a game with a real challenge now! 6 games in a row and I couldn't break 100 mil! Nicely done and I tested the ball save and it works beautifully. I *like* having to shoot the force and sarlacc pit and I like the steps it takes to light them. It seems much more a players game now because of that alone!"

"Man it gets some crazy different flow now... feels awesome. Like a different table with needing these new shots. And triball is SO IMPORTANT now."

"I love all your rules changes. They are spot on, IMO. All of your changes make it a more enjoyable game.  A lot of thought behind them all. Thanks again for doing all this. The ball save alone is worth swapping out the roms, but you've made the game 'tournament material'."

"Played about 20 games tonight and wow! The big question now is 'what to go for?' instead of just hitting that ramp. It really has seemed to have opened up the game to a whole new level....working to get that Death Star has now become a real challenge as opposed to a given on the third ball. Funnily enough my two boys of 8 and 11 prefer it now as it's such more of a challenge and makes you think more about each shot. The extra speech is an added bonus and the scoring is more balanced. Have to say, loving that Extra Ball super force award, nice touch!"

"Played about 50 games with the new ROM installed and WOW!!! Love the ball save of course but the scores you can rack up with the tri-ball jackpots is amazing. It really makes mastering that shot into the death star the most important. I had a couple of great tri-ball games and scored the super jackpot three or four times and ended up with over 350 million both times. So much more fun than shooting the ramp over and over! The best part is all the undiscovered additions to the game that I haven't found yet. Hope everyone else is having as much fun with their 20th Anniversary DESW!"

"I think there should have been more praise heaped upon Chad by now, must be the new ROM owners are too busy playing! I know I've put more games on it in the few days since I got it than I did the entire year before! It is simply freaking awesome."

 "My chip arrived this afternoon, and I have been playing all day. Great work Chad, it is like having a brand new pin in the house! Money well spent."

"Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! The new Rules are awesome! I just held a small tourney with very competitive players... and they all loved the new Rom. In fact, dudes who had choice of machine in the playoff rounds chose Star Wars more than any other machine in the tourney! Proof that it was a good balanced machine for tournament play! You have taken an unbalanced but fun game... and turned it into a true winner!"

"Purchased the Star Wars Rom and just want to thank you again. It is fantastic! Destroying the Deathstar is so rewarding now, truly amazing."

"Great work. I was speechless after my 1st game. The new rules and the rearranged score layout are done perfectly."


HOOK Unofficial v.5.01

(last updated March 11, 2018)


Bangarang!!! This classic movie themed pinball machine from 1992 now plays better than ever. Newly balanced scoring. Ball Save has been fixed and is now user adjustable. Completely rewritten Left Ramp and Drop Target logic adds a whole new risk/reward challenge. Right Scoop Awards have been overhauled. Multiball jackpots have been increased for better balance. New optional Tournament Mode adjustment has been added. Previously unused voice calls and music have been added. Many, many, bug fixes. Much more!


The impetus for this v.5.01 release was to fix a bug that was discovered in v.5.00 that affected a small number of Hook machines where it would cause the display to reset when hitting a Drop Target or viewing Instant Info. Since I was releasing an update, I figured I would polish off a few more things to make Hook even better! If you are already running v.5.00, then you only need to update the CPU ROM to v.5.01 because the DISPLAY ROM is unchanged and remains v.5.00.

The updates found in v.5.01 include: 

  • Changed the way the Ramp Value is displayed when hitting Drop Targets and during Instant Info to fix a display reset bug that affected a small number of games.
  • Rearranged Instant Info order so Bonus is directly followed by Bonus Multiplier.
  • Extended Attract Mode Instructions to include two extra instructions and associated flashing lamps.
  • Adjusted audio played during Attract Mode to better match animations.
  • Shoot Again insert will now flash to indicate when start-of-ball Ball Save is active.
  • Croc Time insert will now flash during Croc Time to indicate where to shoot.
  • Fast Scoring and Croc Time music have been swapped which allows the upper right flasher to flash during Croc Time.
  • Slightly extended pause before Croc Time score starts counting down.
  • Made it so Multiball Restart will be offered if the player does not hit a Jackpot and drains all balls except for one within 20 seconds instead of 12 seconds of the start of Multiball.
  • Fixed music at end of failed Multiball Restart to properly return to normal game music.
  • Made it so Match Sequence will now also play if Games Awards is set to Extra Ball. Previously this would only play if Game Awards was set to Credit.
  • Made it so Victory will now also play if Game Awards is set to Extra Ball. Previously this would only play if Game Awards was set to Credit.
  • Made it so successful Victory will award 15M instead of 8M.
  • Changed sound effect played for successful Victory from cuckoo sound effect to previously unused jackpot sound effect to better indicate the collection of this bonus.
  • Reduced G.I. OFF/ON flashing overall.
  • Set warning alarm at end of timers to all be consistently 2 seconds.
  • Made Lane Change work in both directions depending on press of Left Flipper or Right Flipper buttons.
  • Adjusted logic on Drop Targets to better guarantee that they will register during Pirate Town.
  • Adjusted Tournament Mode Pirate Town static switch count from 80 to 40 switch hits.
  • Removed the 20% limit on Ball 3 from Mystery Award Extra Ball Is Lit. This gives the player a path to be able to collect an Extra Ball if one has not already been collected.
  • Bangarang starting bonus has been increased from 5M to 25M.
  • Fixed bug with Bangarang where hitting Strike switch would sometimes cause the Bangarang bonus to display 5M instead of current bonus.



HOOK Unofficial v.5.00

(originally released November 9, 2016)



Changed Adjustment sounds.

Changed Tilt Warning default from 1 to 2.

Extended time that previous scores are displayed during Attract Mode.

Replaced Hook animation during Attract Mode with Peter Pan flying up.

Added Hook animation to start of game.

Do not play Replay value animation at start of Ball 1.

Forced MISSED video to always play.

Reduced Right Return Lane timer.

Made it so VUK will only spot Weapon Target if Right Return Lane timer is active always.

Made it so Top Lanes will flash when all collected.

Increased score when Top Lanes are completed when Bonus is Max from 500,000 to 1M.

Removed Ball Time Average logic from Left Outlane timer to light the ability to relight Laser Kick.

Changed unused Adjustment 43 from Loop Timer to Weapon Advance. This new adjustment allows you to set how many Weapons will auto-advance between balls. Choices are Extra Easy = 3, Easy = 2, Factory = 1, Hard and Extra Hard = 0.



Fixed bug so Ball Save timer starts when gameplay starts for each ball instead of when ball is plunged.

Increased Ball Save Switches hit logic from 2 to 3.

Changed Adjustment 40 from # Of Tickets Per Award to Ball Save Timer Seconds. This new adjustment allows you to set how many seconds you want Ball Save to be at the start of each ball. Choices range from 0 to 15 seconds with a default of 10 seconds.

Increased Ball Save timer on Right Scoop eject from 1 seconds to 2 seconds.

Added “Try Again” voice call to Try Again video.



Fixed Instant Info to properly display Croc Clock and Fast Scoring.

Fixed Instant Info to properly display Multiplier.

Reduced timing of long pause during Instant Info.

Slightly extended pause of Clock Value during Instant Info.



Three Right Ramp shots are now required to start AM/PM/Croc Clock.

Initial Clock Value gained for starting mode remains 5M, but subsequent Clock Value bonus for shooting VUK or Right Ramp bonus during mode has been reduced from 5M to 3M.

Forced Clock Value video to always play when hitting VUK during Croc Clock.

Forced Clock Value video to always play when hitting Right Ramp during Croc Clock.

Prevented AM/PM Clock from advancing during Bangarang.



Value of regular Mystery Awards has been increased.

Mystery Award will be 5M after “5 MIL” has been collected at Right Scoop for remainder of game or until Bangarang.



Ability to advance Left Ramp Value has been removed from Left Ramp shot. Can now only be advanced by hitting Drop Targets. Each single Drop Target dropped will increase Left Ramp Value. Maximum Left Ramp value has been increased from 3M to 15M. Every shot to the Drop Targets will display the current Left Ramp Value. Player can also check current Left Ramp Value in Instant Info.

Left Ramp Value now increases like this:  250,000 > 500,000 > 750,000 > 1M > 2M > 3M > 4M > 5M > 6M > 7M > 8M > 9M> 10M > 11M > 12M > 15M. Left Ramp Value will reset to 250,000 at the start of each ball.

Making Left Ramp shot will start a timer that will either reset the Left Ramp Value to 250,000 if Left Ramp Value was 3M or greater, or will start slowly reducing Left Ramp Value if the Left Ramp value was 2M or less. This will allow to the player to make two or three Left Ramp shots at it full current value before it resets or begins to reduce. If player hits any Drop Target before this timer ends then the Left Ramp Value will not reset and will remain at its current value. This introduces a whole new strategy around the Left Ramp and Drop Targets.

Hitting all Drops Targets immediately adds 1M to score instead of 300,000 and flashes “1,000,000” on display then resets bank.



Removed randomness and equalized the Scoop selection.

Organized the six Scoop selections so they rotate in order when hitting Pop Bumpers.

Lite Bumpers

Original:  Timer is 20 seconds.  All pop bumpers are worth 500,000.

Update: Timer is 30 seconds.  All pop bumpers are worth 1M.


5 Mil

Original Collect 5M immediately once.

Update: Collect 5M immediately and every time you make Right Scoop Mystery Shot for remainder of game or until Bangarang.


Lite Croc Time

Original:  Countdown bonus starts at 15M and ends at 10M. Shoot Right Ramp to collect.

Update: Countdown bonus starts at 25M and ends at 5M. Shoot Right Ramp to collect. Made Croc Clock countdown twice as fast to compensate for wider scoring range.


Fast Scoring

Original Timer is 15 seconds. Bonus starts at 2M. All switches add 500,000 to bonus.

Update: Timer is 20 seconds. Bonus starts at 2M. All switches add 500,000 to bonus.


Skull 20 Mil

Original:  Timer is 10 seconds. Shoot Skull for 20M. Ball is immediately ejected.

Update: Timer is 15 seconds. Shoot Skull for 20M. Game will now pause before ejecting ball when collecting Skull to allow player to watch Skill 20 Million animation.


Max 'X'

Original:  Set Bonus Multiplier to 10X and Bonus Hold.

Update: No Change.



Original:  Timer is 19 seconds. Bangarang bonus starts at 5M. Each shot to Right Ramp or Skull will increase by Bangarang Bonus by 5M. 25M added to Bangarang bonus at end of mode.

Update: Timer is 25 seconds. Bangarang bonus starts at 5M. Each shot to Right Ramp, Skull, Left Ramp, Strike, or VUK will increase Bangarang Bonus by 5M. Forced 5,000,000 video to play when collecting Bangarang bonus.




Increased Multiball Jackpot starting value by 5M so now first jackpot is 10M, second is 15M, third+ is 20M.

Reduced pause between Jackpots so now they can be immediately collected one after another.



Set all switches to only add 1 to the EOB Bonus count. Previously this was not consistant.

Made it so Top Lane switches will also add to EOB Bonus count.

Made it so Right Ramp Exit will also add to EOB Bonus count.

Increased EOB Bonus by 10X (Original = 1,000 per switch. Update = 10,000 per switch).



Coordinated Video/Sounds correctly during Out Lane so Big Value or I've Lost My Marbles is consistent.

Amount collected for I've Lost My Marbles has been reduced. This is to incentivize the player to collect Big Value via Lane Change on Outlane ball drains.

Fixed bug where End Of Ball music would start twice.

Added to pause when showing Fast Scoring Bonus at end of ball.

Added to pause when showing Croc Clock Bonus at end of ball.

End of Ball - Shortened pause after showing Bonus.

End of Ball - Shortened pause after showing Current Score Big by a little bit.

End of Ball and Start of Game - Shortened pause after showing Replay Value.

Removed pause just before Game Over is displayed.

Moved Entering Initials to run before Match Sequence.

Shortened pause during ENTER INITIALS so you don't see FREE PLAY/INSERT COIN afterwards.

Adjusted Default High Scores.

Fixed bug where High Scores will get reset sometimes when player achieves World Record score.

Slowed down High Score animation (delay was 1.6 sec per score and is now 1.9 sec)



Changed Adjustment 39 from Ticket Dispenser to Tournament Mode. This new adjustment will set all random elements (Pirate Switch Count, Pirate Award, Mystery Award) to predefined amounts, will remove the Pity Multiball offering on Ball 3, and set the following Adjustments. Adjustment  3 - Replay Levels = OFF, Adjustment  4 - Game Awards = NONE, Adjustment  6 - Limit Extra Balls = 0, Adjustment 16 - Tilt Warnings = 2.



Removed score flash right before MISSED skill shot video plays.

Removed score flash right before collecting Clock value when hitting VUK.

Removed score flash right before collecting Clock value when hitting Right Ramp.

Removed score flash right before Shoot Again video.

Fixed bug where umpire Ball count repeats Ball 1.

Fixed bug with Timer after ejecting ball from Right Scoop so Right Scoop will always register even if ball is immediately shot back into it after being ejected from it.

Fixed bug so now Croc Clock is prevented from Rolling over from 99 to 0 Million.

Fixed bug so now Fast Scoring is prevented from Rolling over from 99 to 0 Million.

Fixed bug so now Bangarang is prevented from Rolling over from 99 to 0 Million.

Fixed bug so now Jackpot is prevented from rolling over from 99 to 0 Million.

Fixed bug where High Scores will get reset sometimes when player achieves World Record score.

Fixed bug where Extra Ball would be offered on Last Ball if Adjustment 6 - Limit Ex Balls has been reached.



Changed Shoot Again voice call from “Try Again” to previously unused “Come Back And Fight Me Now”.

Changed music played during Skull to previously unused music.

Changed music played during Croc Time to previously unused music.

Added SFX to AM video (ticktock).

Added SFX to PM video (chime).

Changed Clock Value Jackpot sound from Growl to Clock Chime.

Changed SFX when collecting Croc Time Bonus from Cuckoo to Unused Bonus SFX.

Fixed B-B-Bangarang voice call at start of Bangarang.

Changed Bangarang voice call during mode to include fanfare.

Changed voice call for during Shoot Ramp Now and Multiball from “Shoot It” to “Try At The Ramp”.