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"I feel like I just unboxed a new pin!"

"Overall, this thing is awesome, and you have already earned the equivalent of the nobel prize in pinball in my book. Feels like a brand new game now!"

"I can't stop playing. As-is right now, this game is a BLAST. It has STRATEGY NOW!"

"I must say HOLY COW! It's a game with a real challenge now! 6 games in a row and I couldn't break 100 mil! Nicely done and I tested the ball save and it works beautifully. I *like* having to shoot the force and sarlacc pit and I like the steps it takes to light them. It seems much more a players game now because of that alone!"

"Man it gets some crazy different flow now... feels awesome. Like a different table with needing these new shots. And triball is SO IMPORTANT now."

"I love all your rules changes. They are spot on, IMO. All of your changes make it a more enjoyable game.  A lot of thought behind them all. Thanks again for doing all this. The ball save alone is worth swapping out the roms, but you've made the game 'tournament material'."

"Played about 20 games tonight and wow! The big question now is 'what to go for?' instead of just hitting that ramp. It really has seemed to have opened up the game to a whole new level....working to get that Death Star has now become a real challenge as opposed to a given on the third ball. Funnily enough my two boys of 8 and 11 prefer it now as it's such more of a challenge and makes you think more about each shot. The extra speech is an added bonus and the scoring is more balanced. Have to say, loving that Extra Ball super force award, nice touch!"

"Played about 50 games with the new ROM installed and WOW!!! Love the ball save of course but the scores you can rack up with the tri-ball jackpots is amazing. It really makes mastering that shot into the death star the most important. I had a couple of great tri-ball games and scored the super jackpot three or four times and ended up with over 350 million both times. So much more fun than shooting the ramp over and over! The best part is all the undiscovered additions to the game that I haven't found yet. Hope everyone else is having as much fun with their 20th Anniversary DESW!"

"I think there should have been more praise heaped upon Chad by now, must be the new ROM owners are too busy playing! I know I've put more games on it in the few days since I got it than I did the entire year before! It is simply freaking awesome."

 "My chip arrived this afternoon, and I have been playing all day. Great work Chad, it is like having a brand new pin in the house! Money well spent."

"Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! The new Rules are awesome! I just held a small tourney with very competitive players... and they all loved the new Rom. In fact, dudes who had choice of machine in the playoff rounds chose Star Wars more than any other machine in the tourney! Proof that it was a good balanced machine for tournament play! You have taken an unbalanced but fun game... and turned it into a true winner!"

"Purchased the Star Wars Rom and just want to thank you again. It is fantastic! Destroying the Deathstar is so rewarding now, truly amazing."

"Great work. I was speechless after my 1st game. The new rules and the rearranged score layout are done perfectly."

BAYWATCH Unofficial v.4.01
(last updated December 2, 2017)
Help is on the way! The "best office in the world" from this classic 90's TV show themed pinball machine just got better!
The more difficult Skill Shots are now worth more points. Skill Shot THREE OF A KIND AWARD remains 50M but VARIETY AWARD is now worth 150M to incentivize player to attempt all three Skill Shots.
Fixed bug where a successfully completed CPR mode previously did not grant 50M Completion Bonus points.
Instead of rescuing 10 swimmers for 20M each, you only have to rescue 8 swimmers for 25M each.
Fixed Diver Trapped bug so correct bonus is displayed and granted.
Each hit to the bank of SHARK targets kills one shark for 10M. Each hit to the SHARK SUPER SCOOP kills all sharks remaining in wave for DOUBLE POINTS.
No limit to amount of times you can collect double points via SHARK SUPER SCOOP.
Fixed bug where very first Successful Rescue would not count. Failed rescues no longer count against you so you are now only limited by the timer. Fixed bug where a successfully completed Tidal Wave mode previously did not grant 50M Completion Bonus points.
Allowed full Left Ramp shot to also function as Jackpot during Earthquake if Left Ramp Trap Door is disabled (now available via Adjustment 51) or broken.
Shark Awards now progress faster.  Shark Award #3 (SHARK) is now on a 1 minute timer instead of being enabled for remainder of ball, this allows the player to continue to progress with the collecting of the higher Shark Awards without having to drain the ball.
Default auto advancement of Ball Lock has been modified.  You are no longer guaranteed All Locks Lit on Ball 2 by default.
End Of Ball Bonus is now ( 1M + (1M x GUARD) + (2M x LIFEGUARD) + (3M x RESCUE MISSION) ) x SPF BONUS MULTIPLIER.
SPF Bonus Multiplier will now increase twice as fast (was 2X>3X>4X>5X>6X>7X>8X>9X>10X, is now 2X>4X>6X>8X>10X).
Gate timings have been adjusted to be more lenient so ball should be routed correctly more often.
Detailed Notes
  • Increased default value of Shark Hole Skill Shot from 20M to 40M.
  • Randomized lit Top Lane at start of each ball during non-tournament play.
  • Shark Jackpot lamp now flashes along with Shark Scoop lamp to better indicate Skill Shot 2 shot.
  • Increased Skill Shot Variety Award from 50M to 150M to incentivize player to attempt all three Skill Shots.
  • Failed Skill Shot will now play a previously unused quick descending sound effect that sounds more appropriate for a failure event.
  • Fixed bug where a successfully completed CPR mode previously did not grant 50M Completion Bonus points.
  • Changed successful CPR shot to say unused "Nice rescue" and ensure Rescue Successful is shown on display.
  • Fixed bug where bad sound plays at start of CPR in the middle of the voice call of "OK everyone here's the situation, some swimmers need help, shoot the ramp to apply CPR".
  • Updated Chopper Rescue requirement of 10 swimmers at 20M per swimmer to 8 swimmers at 25M per swimmer.
  • Added previously unused voice calls of "Shoot the left/middle/right ramp" to roving Ramp Shots at end of Chopper Rescue to help player know which ramp to shoot.
  • Made it so roving Ramp moves every 5 seconds instead of odd pattern of 4/4/2 seconds.
  • Removed "I guess you could say it was pretty good" from random choice during Chopper Rescue gameplay and replaced with "We're in route".
  • Fixed Diver Trapped bug so correct bonus is displayed and granted with each successful Hole shot.
  • Removed constant flashing under playfield of the Left Orbit flasher to avoid confusion of where to shoot since Left Orbit is not a shot used in this mode.
  • Added helicopter sound effects to end of Diver Trapped before collecting Extra Ball.
  • Added voice call of "Extra Ball" to successful Shoot Hole For Extra Ball at end of Diver Trapped.
  • Allowed Shark Cove to honor the Shark Super Scoop for multiple shots.
  • Keep Shark Super Scoop lamp flashing for entire Shark Cove mode.
  • Doubled points for Shark Super Scoop shot.
  • Flash double point bonus on display for Shark Super Scoop shots during Shark Cove.
  • Increased pause when displaying Shark Cove Completion Bonus.
  • Fixed bug where game is supposed to pause and hold ball in Upper Ball Launch until start of mode voice call is completed. This pause can be aborted by hitting both flippers.
  • Made it so Side Ramp Jackpot lamp flashes along with Spell Ironman lamp to better indicate Rescue Jackpot shot.
  • Made it so only successful saves count towards the 3 tries.
  • Fixed bug where the very first successful rescue would not count.
  • Fixed Tidal Wave to properly end on three successful rescues only.
  • Fixed bug where 10M is erroneously granted sometimes to "Successful Rescue" during Tidal Wave.
  • Fixed bug where it was possible for Side Ramp lamp to be stuck flashing after end of mode.
  • Fixed bug where a successfully completed Tidal Wave mode previously did not grant 50M Completion Bonus points.
  • Increased Tourist Season Ball Save Timer from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Added flashing Shoot Again lamp while Ball Save is active at start of Tourist Season.
  • Side Ramp Jackpot lamp now flashes along with Spell Ironman lamp to better indicate Jackpot shot during second section of this mode.
  • Allowed full Left Ramp shot to also function as Jackpot during Earthquake if Left Ramp Trap Door is disabled (now available via Adjustment 51) or broken.
  • Turned off G.I. during Water Skier Video Mode.
  • Adjusted scoring of Water Ski video mode from 1M per passed obstacle to 3M per passed obstacle.
  • Fixed bug so center ramp will now correctly score when hit on the left-center.
  • Fixed bug at end of Water Skier where last ramp does not count.
  • Fixed bug to prevent incorrectly adding ghost points at end after final ramp.
  • Prevented "Alright" voice call from being cut short at end of Water Skier Video mode.
  • Added 50M Completion Bonus for successfully completing Water Skier Video mode.
  • Allowed all of intro video for Ironman to play and allow it to be aborted with both flippers.
  • Added motor boat sound to Video Mode intro for Ironman.
  • Changed music during Ironman to previously unused music.
  • Increased amount for hitting flippers from 250,000 to 500,000 per hit.
  • Added "Well Done" voice call to winning Video Mode Ironman race.
  • Increased bonus for successfully completing Ironman from 20M to 50M.
  • Added previously unused "Search and rescue" voice call to Search & Rescue display.
  • Will now display the SPF Bonus Multiplier video if granted during Search & Rescue.
  • Will now display X Million video if granted during Search & Rescue.
  • Will now display Super Laser Kick video if granted during Search & Rescue.
  • Rearranged collection of Search & Rescue and Ironman so S&R comes first to prevent Ironman Video Mode from being played twice in a row.
  • Increased minimum Search & Rescue award of 10 Million to 25 Million during non-tournament play.
  • Allowed for faster Shark Awards progression.
  • Changed Shark Award #3 to be on a 1 minute timer.
  • Extended timer for Switch 54 related to Shark Flipper to allow successful Shark Award to register more often.
  • Adjusted successful Shark Flip Award to grant 25M instead of 10M.
  • Made it so if Adjustment 50 is set to 99 then automatic Shark Flip is disabled.
  • Extended timer of Ball Save for Laser Kick.
  • Added previously unused "Looks like he's going to pull through" voice call to Laser Kick.
  • Changed Adjustment 47 (Lock Qualify Criterion) so each completion of Drop Targets will advance lock by 1.
  • Made it so Auto Advance of Locks between balls will only do 1 on Moderate (Default).
  • New light show at Start of Multiball where game is dark except for both flashers alternate on boat siren to make Multiball intro more dramatic.
  • Return to regular game music at the end of Multiball.
  • Fixed bug where Instant Info doesn't properly display if there is a Bonus Multiplier.
  • Fixed bug where it will display 11X SPF Multiplier even though it is really 10X.
  • Removed long Pause at end of Instant Info so it will cycle properly.
  • Slowed down EOB Bonus screens slightly.
  • Removed 1M bonus for aborting EOB Bonus.
  • Fixed EOB bug where every 5th GUARD letter and every 5th Life Guard collected would not add to EOB totals.
  • Fixed EOB bug so it will calculate and display Rescue Mission bonus correctly.
  • Fixed EOB bug where SPF Bonus Multiplier would display 11X multiplier even though it is really 10X.
  • Increased Lifeguard EOB to be 2M per collected Lifeguard instead of 1M.
  • Set SPF Bonus Multiplier to increase twice as fast (new progression is 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X, 10X).
  • Added Shark Chomp Initials to Attract Mode which is now only achievable via successful Shark Super Scoop Jackpot during Multiball.
  • Added sound effects to SHARK target that has already been hit.
  • Added sound effects to previously silent 3-Way Combo award.
  • Updated mode timers that were 43 seconds to now be an even 40 seconds.
  • Made it so mode specific voice calls play more often when ball rolls over inlane switches.
  • Increased Baywatch Millions start from 1M to 2M.
  • Disabled ability to select PRNT from the Main Menu.
  • Disabled ability to select SERV from the DIAG menu (to prevent showing Sega phone number).
  • Fixed flash sequence to flash both lamps on boat siren on playfield more often.
  • Removed logic around Average Ball Time to no longer penalize a player if the previous players had longer ball times.
  • Increased power to Trough VUK.
  • Fixed bug where High Coil Power will break Upper Control Gate functionality.
  • Setting of Tilt Warnings = 2 is now allowed and default is 2.
  • Extended start-of-ball Ball Save timer slightly.
  • Made it so Adjustment 51 will Enable or Disable the Left Ramp Trap Door (default is Enabled/Yes). If the Trap Door is disabled then a regular Left Ramp shot will always count as the same Lock or Jackpot shot.
  • Reduced the amount of GI OFF/ON flashing.
  • Gate timings have been adjusted to be more lenient so ball should be routed correctly more often.


You will want to adjust your automatic SHARK FLIP to maximize successful shots. You can adjust this by going into Service Mode. Remove the glass and eject one ball. Then go into DIAG and scroll all the way to the right and select BAY (this icon looks like the lifeguard tower). This will bring up the SHARK FLIPPER CONTROL adjustment and will allow you to play with the switch and see how the ball/flipper behaves over and over as you make changes to this setting. The ball will automatically eject from the Shark Scoop as you are testing in this mode. Keep trying until you find the best setting. Note, if you set this adjustment to 99, it will disable automatic Shark Flip.



While this CPU patch does not make any changes to the DISPLAY ROMs, you want to make sure your game is running DISPLAY VERSION 4.00 for proper game functionality. You can verify this by checking the very first screen that is displayed when you power on your game.